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Independent Councillors (20112012)

In 2011 we were all elected as Independent Councillors to serve the people of Rutland. Our group formed as a response to shared concerns about risks posed by local Councillors who may put party political allegiance before the needs of people who live and work in Rutland. We grouped together under the banner of the Rutland Anti-Corruption Group to build a stronger body to better represent and inform the people of Rutland.

In our experience, Full Council Meetings on major issues are often too brief, raising suspicions that decisions may be pre-determined. The Scrutiny process is minimal. Well qualified Councillors are side-lined, with little or no influence in debates that could be about spending £Millions of public money. With such a small Council this cannot be good for Rutland and the people we serve in these difficult times.

Challenge decisions

The aim of our group is to challenge decisions being hastily rushed through, to demand greater detail and to ensure decisions are made in the best interests of the electorate. We ask for transparency in order to include the people of Rutland to a greater extent in the democratic process.

In response we find a Council determined to withhold information and which says we are at fault for requesting it. Rutland Council engaged a Law Firm, using tax payers money, to write a report in an attempt to prevent us carrying out our duty as Councillors on behalf of our electorate. The Council has held a Kangaroo Court based on that report for which there is no evidence, merely accusation, and no consultation with those accused.

Protect Independent Councillors (20122014)

In order to protect ourselves, as Independent Councillors, from a Conservative Political Group happy to impose punitive restrictions on dissenting Councillors without just cause, we sought help through the Local Government Association. This proved fruitless. We clearly needed the backing of a Political Group if we were to represent our electorate effectively. We turned to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

UKIP demonstrated the same principles and ideals as ourselves, those of openness, transparency, honesty, integrity and upholding the fundamental principles of democracy. UKIP supported our stance on anti-corruption, did not impose a whip on any of their Councillors and offered the political back-up we needed at that time. With the support of UKIP we were able to continue to do our job as Councillors; representing our electorate without restriction. We formed the Rutland Group of the United Kingdom Independence Party (RGUKIP) on Rutland County Council, for the remainder of that term of office.

Independent Councillors (2015 )

Now that there is a new term for Rutland Council we are taking the opportunity to stand once again as Independent Councillors.

We wish the electorate to know and understand that we believe Local Government, especially in Rutland, should not be political.  Whilst we still support the principles of UKIP, especially given the fact that UKIP has a stated policy that no whip will be exercised on Councillors allowing them the freedom to vote to represent their electorate, we believe that by stating we are Independent Councillors this will make it absolutely clear to our electorate that we are independent of any political policy and will solely represent them in an independent manner.

Your feedback is welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. The views expressed here are those of Richard Gale, David Richardson and Nick Wainwright and theirs alone. They are made by them personally and individually in their own capacity as free citizens and not as representatives of any outside body or council on which they may serve on or be employed by. However if anyone is offended by any of these comments or feels that they should be corrected then please contact us and we will do our best to consider your comments and correct any errors.


Richard Gale

Richard Gale

Born and educated in Oakham, Richard later attended agricultural College. Most of his working life has been spent in agriculture and construction. He lived in West Wales during the 70s and 80s were he owned a business manufacturing and erecting steel framed buildings. In addition he and his family ran a small farming enterprise.

Richard returned to Rutland and re-established and extended the farming business. It was due to a planning dispute with the LPA, which he eventually won, that he took an interest in Development Control. In 1995 he stood and was elected as an Independent Councillor. He continues in this role today.

As a Councillor he has sat on many working parties in connection with Health, Social Services and Housing. In the last twenty years Richard has spent a lot of time in the voluntary sector supporting the elderly, persons with learning disabilities and being a 'listening ear' to those people going through emotional problems.

Richard lost his wife through illness in the 90s. His three daughters and son live locally and are active members of the community.

Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson

Dave settled in Rutland in 1992 following a career in the RAF which included flying the Phantom on 29(F)Sqn before becoming an Advanced and Tactical Flying Instructor. He also flew as a Hawk Display Pilot. He was seconded to British Aerospace to head up small team on a £billion contract to introduce and set-up a Hawk Flying Training School for the Royal Saudi Air Force. On leaving the RAF he was contracted to carry out a review of the United Arab Emirates Air Force.

On moving to Rutland Dave set up the Rutland Hockey Club which continues to thrive. He became a Rutland County Councillor in 1999-2007 for Rutland Choice. During this time he chaired the Social Services Working Group to develop the Rutland Care Village concept. He was re-elected in May 2011 and is determined to do everything possible to ensure Rutland Council is run solely in the interests of the electorate.

Nick Wainwright

Nick Wainwright

Nick was educated at Burley Road Primary and Oakham School before gaining a degree in Construction Technology. He was a Client Project Manager on major international private and public sector projects throughout the world, in the field of technical security. In 1996 he was appointed by Her Majesty's Government as Project Manager to build the new British Embassy in Moscow, the largest project ever undertaken from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He has since acted as advisor to a number of foreign governments in relation to secure construction and the identification of security weaknesses in existing facilities.

He was elected to the County Council in 2007 as Conservative Councillor for the ward of Langham then in 2011 as an Independent. He believes strongly that national politics should not encroach on County decisions.

Nick is a governor of Catmose College and a Trustee of Oakham School.